The new QTAKE Pro  2.1 update introduces new features designed to enhance your productivity and speed up your workflow. This update is available immediately.

Metal Support

The QTAKE engine behind the scenes has undergone an overhaul to take advantage of all types of hardware. This makes QTAKE use more of the GPU for a better experience in rendering and playback. The new Metal-optimized engine brings many performance improvements and future-proofing technology from both the Intel and Apple Silicon architectures.

Unlimited Dock

The dock has been redesigned to allow an unlimited number of clips in multiple docks. Bins can now be shared with all of your collaborators using the QTAKE Server or QTAKE Cloud Sync to speed up the production pipeline and get everyone moving.

Media Management

Running low on space? Instantly switch to a new storage volume or use multiple volumes simultaneously to handle big projects with ease. The clip list function “Manage Media Files” provides a nice way to remove unnecessary local media files for selected clips or move them to another page.

Enhanced HDR Support

QTAKE now supports HDR support! Enjoy the enhanced colors with HDR support in the QTAKE UI. With this new update, your SDI monitors with HDR payload detection will automatically set the color space and other HDR metadata when connected to a QOD+

But Wait… there’s more!

The new update for QTAKE 2.1 also supports Mono Audio, NDI v5, Blackmmagic USRA audio recording, and many other improvements. If you want a breakdown of these, you can check the User manual or the Changelog for a full list of features.

What’s Next

What features shall we release next? Get involved and vote on our roadmap. Your vote can help guide our decisions and ensure that we’re meeting your needs and goals.

QTAKE 1.6 Maintenance Commitment

We launched QTAKE 1.6 almost two years ago and refined it with multiple updates over time. We will continue to maintain the QTAKE 1.6 application until the end of 2023 to make sure the reported bugs are fixed. Moreover, we will soon introduce a new QTAKE Pro offer for owners of permanent 1.x licenses.