Traveler Loaded onto a Nomad Stowaway Cart


We have spent years perfecting a cart that would meet the demands of today’s industry professionals, and we believe we have met those challenges with the Nomad Production Cart. The Nomad is our finest production cart to date and allows for a truly customizable experience for all professionals working in the broadcast and film industry.

  • Customize your cart to fit your needs while working on location or on set
  • 3RU-Short, 4RU, 6RU, 8RU, and 10RU’s available
  • Solid build with pneumatic wheels for easy control
  • Lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame and base
  • Plenty of space for mounting monitors and other accessories
  • Designed and manufactured by film and broadcast professionals

Nomad on the Go

Nomad Cart Accessories

3RU-HALF, 4RU, 6RU, 8RU, 10RURemovable Rack-mount Enclosure for Stowaway and Nomad Cart
NOMAD TABLESThe Nomad Tables extend your workspace by 12.5″  on each side. Each table
easily slides into “U” shaped brackets installed on the side of your enclosure and
can be set in an up or down position.
BRACING KITIf you plan on using a single enclosure with your Stowaway cart, the bracing kit is
an absolute must! This kit will provide additional support for single enclosure carts.
UMBRELLA MOUNTFeatures two mounting brackets for heavy duty on-set umbrellas.
UPS HOLDERThe UPS Holder is manufactured to sit in between the frame of the cart. This
allows you to save space within your enclosures. This bracket is not compatible
with certain accessories – call for information.

NEW DESIGN! We’ve designed a brand-new cable hook that will swivel and lock

into place in three direction for transporting or for ease of use.

CABLE HOOKSStandard Cable hooks for storing and holding cables.
CHEESEPLATESCheese plates are quality steel blocks that add additional mounting points to you
SWIVEL MOUNTSThe Swivel mount adds extra space for operators who want to mount two
monitors larger than 17″ on the left and right corner of the Stowaway.
ANTENNA MOUNTSAntenna Mount Pair with aluminum babypin, can be used individually for light or
heavy wireless receivers. This is best used with an extender.
QUICK RELEASE PINS1/4″ x 1-1/4″ stainless steel t-handle quick release pins give you a faster option
to unlock your enclosures and take them off your cart for travel or equipment
ROBOCUP MOUNTThe robocup attaches to many areas of the cart, mainly the front of all enclosures.
Used mostly for attaching cupholders and other accessories.
BOOM MOUNTBoom pole mounting bracket for sound carts.
C-STAND MOUNTC-Stand mounting kit.
FLATSIDE PIN STANDA steel mounting point with flat side babpin for mounting monitors and other
equipment in the center of the cart.
RU JOINING KITSpecial order – please call for information. This joining kit is used to join two heavy
rack enclosures together if you have an uneven distribution of weight in the bottom
SIDE COVER (CORDURA)Nomad Side covers are handstitched with production level Cordura and feature
a pocket on each side. Sold as a pair. Available for 6RU, 8RU and 10RU
SIDE COVER (CARBON)For those needing a closed enclosure, the Carbon Sides provide additional protection
and privacy to any system. Available for 4RU, 6RU, 8RU, and 10RU.
FRONT COVERSAluminum design that attached to the front of your enclosure. Can easily be removed
with two thumb screws. Available for all Rack Unit sizes.
BEACH WHEELSBest wheels for traveling on sand or mud. Only available for carts that use the 16″
wheel kit.
The Nomad cart can fold for transport
Cart Unfolded ready to load up RU's
Nomad cart with RU4 and one side table
Nebtek Cart with RU10
Nomad cart with RU6 and RU10 with side tables
Nomad Cart


Rack Pro Enclosures

Nomad RU3s

3RU-Half Enclosure

Nomad 4RU

4RU Enclosure

Nomad 6RU

6RU Enclosure

Nomad 8RU

8RU Enclosure

Nomad 10RU

10RU Enclosure

Rack Pro Accessories

Nomad RU with side tables

Removable Workspace (Pair)

Side panels, 8RU

Cordura Saddlebags

Nomad RU8 with carbon fiber side panels

Carbon Fiber Side Covers

Nomad Cart Front handle that mounts to an RU

Front Push Handle

Mounting Accessories

Nomad offset mounts

Nomad – Baby Pin Offset (Pair)

Baby Pin mount attaches to a cheese plate

Nomad – Baby Pin

Nomad Antenna mounts

Nomad – Antenna Mounts

Nomad Swivel Cable Hook

Nomad – Swivel Cable Hooks

Nomad Umbrella Mount

Nomad – Umbrella Mount

UPS holder for Nebtek Nomad Cart

Nomad – UPS Holder

Cheese plate

Nomad – Cheese Plate

Nomad C-Stand mounts

Nomad – CStand Mount

nebtek nomad guide blocks

Nomad – Guide Blocks

Cart skate wheels for loading and uploading

Nomad – Skateboard Wheels

Nebtek Nomad Stowaway Beach Wheels

Nomad – Beach Wheels

D-Ring Tie downs

Nomad – D-Ring Tie downs

Mount your Robocup to your cart with this great stand off point

Nomad – ROBOCUP mount

Standard cable hooks to hold cables on your cart

Nomad – Standard Cable Hooks