Traveler CF

NEBTEK Traveler cf

The Total Package.

Ultra Lightweight.

A true All-in-One –

Including 3 Audio outs and Talkback!

Nebtek CF front

Elegant  – Powerful

Just 33 LBS!

The next step in

Traveler-Carbon-Fiber Back With Color
Nomad traveler CF front closed


  • Ultraportable, ultra-powerful, all-in-one
  • Light and rugged carbon fiber construction
  • External chassis removed from internal components to save weight
  • Nomad Cart compatible-Runs anywhere you can bring DC power. Video Village van, mountain with battery block, etc.
  • Quick release system for MacBook Pro

The evolution of video assist, now in carbon fiber.

More powerful. More performance. More portable.

  • The MacBook is back. Easily record 4 cameras with the M1!
  • Our most portable, powerful full-featured QTAKE system yet
  • 16×16 Video routing
  • VA Mixer audio system
  • PoE+ Network Component power & fan control
  • 8-channel capture card
  • QOD+
Nebtek Traveler CF side
Nomad traveler CF front closed

Record. Playback. Stream.

  • Deltacast capture card: 4 independent format HD cameras, supports SDI flags.
  • NVMe SSD RAID 0. Up to 2800MB/s speeds, configurable with up to 4 NVMe M.2 drives, up 32TB total QTAKE Storage
  • QOD+ Output: GPU out for advanced compositing and other QTAKE FX, output format conversion, multiple views on one monitor.
  • Internal enterprise router with PoE+ switch to power enterprise-grade access points such as the Ruckus r710

Video Asssit Mixer  – with interom for up to 3 stations!

  • Adjust level from sound mixer
  • Feed to qtake with AUX audio to feed an additional external DVR
  • Send live and playback audio to up to 3 different video villages such as the director, client/agency, producers and iPad
  • Listen to any or all 3 villages at once. Talkback to any of them with our NEBCOM or a speaker of your choice
  • Your choice of standard XLRs or 8pin Neutrik Speakon connectors for multi pin connection to the set with AC Power. Program audio and talkback on one cable.
  • Compatible with NEBTEK  “Village Runner” cable.


  • Dimensions: 19.5″ wide x 15.25″ deep x 7.5″ H (including closed laptop in protective case)
  • DC Voltage input: 12V-17V
  • Max Power draw: 365W Max (Calculated)
  • Nominal Power draw: @120 watts (assuming macbook charged)
    Weight: Soon


Rear Patch Panel

  • Video BNC Inputs: 8
  • Video BNC Outputs: 12
  • Audio XLR Inputs: 2-5: 1x Line In (Sound), 1x DVR Aux In (External DVR Playback), 3x Intercom (optional)
  • Audio XLR Outputs: 4-7: 1x DVR Aux Out, 3x Monitor outs (powered/amplified), 3x Monitor outs (line level)
  • GbE: 1x WAN, 2x PoE+/LAN
  • Power input: 2x 4pin XLR (redundant power for hot swap)
  • Power Aux: 1x 4pin XLR (unregulated passthru)
  • speakON system (optional): 1x Powercon (AC input), 3x 8pin speakON (AC output/audio out/audio in), 2x NEMA (AC aux output)

Internal video I/O

  • Capture card inputs: 4
  • Capture card outputs: 4
  • QOD outputs: 4
Traveler-Carbon-Fiber Back Open
Traveler Carbon Fiber Back Open