Wireless Transmitters for Rent

Onset Transmitters

Terradeck is the Industry standard for zero latency wireless transmission in short and medium-range applications.

Teradek system in its pelican case

SmallHD Cine 7 in pelican case

Teradek 1 transmitter

Teradek 2 transmitters

wireless directors hand held

Wireless Directors Hand held

wireless directors hand held with 2 transmitters

Wireless Directors hand held with 2 transmitters

Dual Screen Directors handheld

wireless teradek directors hand held 1 transmitter

Wireless Teradek directors handheld 1 transmitter

Long Range Transmitters

Cinevue – Video Wireless transmissions have great signal strength for medium to long-range video streaming.

Microlight HD with transmitter

Cinevue with Handheld receiver

Cinevue 1-2 with Amplifier
Cinevue 1-2 with Amplifier