Wireless Transmitters for Rent

Onset Transmitters

Terradeck is the Industry standard for zero latency wireless transmission in short and medium-range applications.

Teradek system in its pelican case

SmallHD Cine 7 in pelican case

Teradek 1 transmitter

Teradek 2 transmitters

wireless directors hand held

Wireless Directors Hand held

wireless directors hand held with 2 transmitters

Wireless Directors hand held with 2 transmitters

Dual Screen Directors handheld

wireless teradek directors hand held 1 transmitter

Wireless Teradek directors handheld 1 transmitter

Long Range Transmitters

Cinevue – Video Wireless transmissions have great signal strength for medium to long-range video streaming.

Microlight HD with transmitter

Cinevue with Handheld receiver

Cinevue 1-2 with Amplifier
Cinevue 1-2 with Amplifier

Nebtek rents equipment all across the United States. We have rental offices in California and Utah we can rent out equipment anywhere. We have professional systems for sets and events. Call for a quote at 747-217-4454.