QTAKE PRO 2.2 Available now!

Welcome a set of industry-first features redefining the standards of video assist tools and empowering QTAKE Pro users with innovative capabilities and enhancements. QTAKE Pro 2.2 is available immediately as a free update, except for the new DOLBY and FORENSIC modules.

The Ultimate Dolby Vision® Workflow

QTAKE Pro 2.2 introduces the ultimate on-set Dolby Vision workflow. Using the iCMU Output, iCMU Preview, Trim Controls, updated HDMI Tunneling, and new analysis modes in playback, QTAKE is a guarantee that every detail of the HDR look is reproduced as intended by the content creators on any on-set monitor and with stunning visual fidelity.

iCMU Support

  • The support of the iCMU Output in QTAKE ensures that the monitoring consistently adheres to strict quality standards of the Dolby Vision technology when simultaneously outputting HDR content across different HDR and SDR displays without using an external content mapping unit (eCMU).
  • iCMU Preview allows the video operator to faithfully reproduce iCMU Output directly in the QTAKE user interface, without the need of accessing the on-set monitors physically to check the results of the Dolby Vision process.
  • If the colorist needs to customize the results of the automatic Dolby Vision conversion, QTAKE also introduces a new Dolby Vision Trims effect, with support for primary and secondary adjustments.

Dolby Vision Playback Modes

In addition to the existing Dolby Vision Live Analysis which happens in real time, QTAKE Pro 2.2 brings two new playback analysis modes to provide results consistent with post-production tools. Using Shot-Based Analysis, recorded or imported clips are analyzed in the background and a single result is used to avoid possible fluctuations caused by content brightness changes. Hero Frame Mode, on the other hand, does not require any pre-calculations. Instead, you can simply specify a “hero” frame for each take and the result will be instantly applied to the whole clip.

Forensic Watermarking

The industry’s first integration of forensic watermarking into the production workflow enables content protection as soon as the camera signal enters QTAKE. One of the top features requested by the studios and provided by Nagra – the industry leader in content protection, will add an imperceptible, yet robust forensic watermark to QTAKE outputs. This advanced technology integrates seamlessly with local and cloud streaming and adds another layer of protection for sensitive pre-release content, right from the moment of its creation. Please note that forensic watermarking requires QTAKE Monitor 4.6, which has also been released today.

Interpolated Off-Speed Playback

The simulation of slow motion in QTAKE has new playback modes to provide more options and higher-quality output. Frame-Blend Mode uses real-time dissolve between consecutive frames and can be played back instantly. The other new mode is Optical Flow, which requires pre-calculation of motion vectors in the background, but creates the smoothest slow-motion effect.

AJA ColorBox Support

Starting with release 2.2, QTAKE can natively control AJA ColorBox as an external real-time color processor. Utilizing the 33-point 3D LUT and up to 4K resolution within AJA Color Pipeline (ACP) mode it provides support for the highest quality, zero-latency, external color processing device currently available in QTAKE.

UI Output to Views

This unique feature allows you to output certain elements of QTAKE UI over V-OUT, GPU OUT, or stream. Sharing UI elements such as Stream Invitation QR code, Clip Browser, Metadata Sidebar, or other windows simplifies communication with other crew members.

Video Window

When using a Mac to perform tasks in 3rd party apps, outside of the minimized QTAKE interface, the new Video Window allows you to keep an eye on all QTAKE Views in a handy, resizable, floating window, which always stays on top of other windows on your desktop.

And There’s More

The new update also introduces support for ARRI LogC4 colorspace with dedicated False Color scopes, the concept of a Canvas – the working area for custom format preview and export, new playback loop options with automatic patching to live, right-click contextual menu for fast clip selection, a new set of audio and mute controls, support for 9-view remote control of QTAKE Monitor and other improvements. See the User manual for more information about the new features.

Short-term and Long-term Rentals?

For Short Term, daily, weekly or monthly rentals of QTAKE PRO, visit the QTAKE Rental Shop. If you’re new to the QTAKE Rental Store, please create an account and select “NEBTEK” as your main dealer. We prioritize tech support and customer service for operators who select NEBTEK as their main dealer.

For Long Term rentals, we are offering discounts for 1-year and 3-year plans.  Please use the caculator below which allows you to choose the modules that you want discounted. Then call us today at 801-467-1920 or email us at [email protected] to process your order.

PRO 2.2 FOR 1.6 PRO Rental

Owners of permanent virtual 1.x licenses are now able to temporarily

upgrade their licenses to 2.x and enjoy the benefits of QTAKE Pro.

PRO upgrade fee ($70/€64 daily, $210/€192 weekly, $700/€640 monthly).

What is QTAKE?

Qtake touch screen
QTAKE is an advanced software application designed and developed for video assist professionals. It is used to log, capture, playback, edit and process video output of any camera.

QTAKE is the preferred tool of the most wanted video operators around the globe. It is updated on a monthly basis using valuable input from real production environment to bring you the best in Digital Video Assist.

This powerful, but easy to learn system, integrates every aspect of modern video assist into the single solution. Extensive logging capabilities, rapid shot selection with tree-based visual browser, simple and intuitive non-linear editor, media import and export, real-time overlay with blending, keying and wipe… and much more. HDx2 version provides advanced stereoscopy features: live 3D processing, 3D playback and 3D editing.

Take your video assist services to a new level.

QTAKE used on NCIS

How does it work?

QTAKE runs on Mac OS X using the latest software and hardware technology available from Apple, Inc. It uses QuickTime-based movie files, so you can share your media across QuickTime compatible applications, such as Final Cut Pro.

QTAKE uses video hardware from AJA, Blackmagic Design, and Deltacast to capture Standard or High Definition or UHD video, audio and time code information. Each clip is captured to a high speed media storage and can be retrieved instantly for playback, editing or compositing. Using extensive meta-data, QTAKE improves project workflow far beyond regular video assist.


Feature roadmap suggestions and up-voting is live now!

To see requested features and vote click here 

Submit a QTAKE feature request here

In Progress

  • Mix & Match Video Boards

    Complete overhaul of the underlying video IO system lets QTAKE users create new hardware configurations using the mix of video cards of different vendors.

    QTAKE Pro

  • Apple Vision Pro Integration

    QTAKE Monitor for visionOS brings unmatched live monitoring and personal playback experience to filmmakers using Apple Vision Pro headset.

    QTAKE Monitor


  • UI Output

    Improved collaboration with Director, DOP or Script Supervisor using new UI Output feature, which allows mirroring QTAKE interface to video outputs. Learn more.

    QTAKE Pro 2.2

  • Dolby Vision® iCMU

    Expanded HDR support in QTAKE features tone-mapping technology by Dolby Vision, providing simultaneous SDR output without external CMU device. Learn more.

    QTAKE Pro 2.2

  • Playback Loop Options

    New loop options provide automatic switch to live signal after the specified number of loops is reached in a single or multi-camera playback. Learn more.

    QTAKE Pro 2.2

  • Video Window

    Minimized application mode allows video assist operator to keep an eye on video feeds even when QTAKE is hidden, using resizable video window. Learn more.

    QTAKE Pro 2.2

  • Interpolated off-speed playback

    The updated playback engine simulates slow motion using new frame-blending and optical flow modes when original frame-rate footage is unavailable. Learn more.

    QTAKE Pro 2.2

  • Mute Live Audio Options

    Independent mute options for each audio input, conditional mute when recording or not recording, and expanded control of auto mute live. Learn more.

    QTAKE Pro 2.2

  • AJA ColorBox Integration

    With its high-quality tetrahedral interpolation, 33-point 3D LUT, and 4K resolution, AJA ColorBox is the finest external color processing device. Learn more.

    QTAKE Pro 2.2

  • Media Management

    Clip list function “Manage Media Files” provides a simple way to delete unnecessary local media files for selected clips or move them to another storage. QTAKE Pro 2.1

  • Metal Support

    New render engine based on Metal frameworks brings significant performance improvement and future‑proofing both for Intel and Apple Silicon Mac architecture. QTAKE Pro 2.1

  • Unlimited Dock

    Using Bins as a source, the new implementation allows users to load multiple Docks, store unlimited number of clips and share them over QTAKE Server/Cloud Sync.QTAKE Pro 2.1

  • Simplified access management

    The new Users tab in QTAKE Server simplifies access control by removing device management and consolidating all permissions into user roles.  QTAKE Server 2.3

  • Macs without Secure Enclave

    QTAKE Pro can now also run on Macs without Secure Enclave chips. However, license deactivation is not possible. 

    QTAKE Pro 2.0.1

Basic Features

  • Native Apple Silicon Support
  • Instant Playback
  • Single Sign-on via SAML 2.0
  • Blackmagic RAW
  • Streaming to Unlimited Number of Clients
  • Custom Bundle Discounts
  • License Activation & Deactivation
  • Long Term Rentals


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