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State of the art equipment! That is what you can expect from Nebtek Rentals. NEBTEK Provides Direct Rentals to Productions for some of the items on that page while other items only go out with our technicians or our Trusted Partners who demonstrate that they have the  experience needed to support a production with this equipment.  Whether you need help selecting the right equipment for your needs, or you need technical support on set, our knowledgeable team is here to help. Pricing is quoted on per job basis. CALL Kristin King in the LA office to book equipment. [email protected] or call 747-217-4454 

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Bonded-Cellular & Satellite Internet

We offer a variety of Internet solutions depending on your needs and location!

RF Transmitters

We have many different transmitters to meet the particular needs of your shoot. High Definition Short Dange zero delay and Long Range ( over a mile LOS) are available along with hand-held montoring solutoins

QTAKE Packages

QTAKE 4K System

QTAKE 4K System





QTAKE Packages

4 Camera 4K Systems

4 camera HD Package

2 Camera HD Package

QTAKE Systems

QTAKE Briefcase


QTAKE Streamer

Bonded Cellular Internet

Satellite Internet

Fiber Optic Cables and Adapters

Battery Systems

Screenport Connect system


HD, 4K,  High Brightness, LCD or OLED. 7″, 17″ 22″ 25″ 27′ 32″ 36″ 55″ 

LG 55″

LG 55 Inch Front
LG 55 Inch Back

DayDream 32″

Daydream 32 Inch Monitor Front
Daydream 32 Inch Monitor Back

LG OLED 4K 32″

LG OLED 4K 32 Inches
LG OLED 4K 32 Inches


Sony A250 Front
Sony A250 Back

SONY 2541

SONY 2541 Front
SONY 2541 Back

Boland 25″

Boland 25 Inch HD Monitor Front
Boland 25 Inch HD Monitor Back

Konvision 17″

Konvision Front
Konvision Back

Sony 1741 17″

Sony 1741 Front
Sony 1741 Back

Sony A170

Sony A170 Front
Sony A170 Back

Nebtek Daydream 22

Nebtek Daydream 22 Front
Nebtek Daydream 22 Back


Sign up to a Trusted Partner for Sub Rentals and Sub Rental Pricing. Sub rentals are for other qualified Video Assist Operators, AC’s and DIT’s or Owner operators. Sub rental pricing is never quoted directly to Productions.

Nebtek rents equipment all across the United States. We have rental offices in California and Utah we can rent out equipment anywhere. We have professional systems for sets and events. Call for a quote at 747-217-4454.