Gaylen Nebeker

Nebtek's Gaylen Nebeker

Gaylen Nebeker

Title: CEO at NEBTEK - DIT - 4K/3D/HD Video Assist Operator

Office Phone: (801) 467-1920

Cell Phone Number: (801) 550-1648

Email Address: [email protected]

Gaylen Nebeker is the Founder and CEO of NEBTEK Inc. Since 1986 he has been a frontrunner in Video Assist. He is also a DIT and HD RF tech. Having worked at all levels of productions from local ads to national campaigns, television and major motion pictures. He lends his expertise to creating new equipment to support 4K, 3D, HD, video assist professionals in the motion picture industry.


Director / D.P.


Goosebumps, promo (2015) 3D VR special project
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2016) Ang Lee / John Toll Qtake 3D Engineer
Blood & Oil, TV promo (2015) Matthew Rolston / Igor Martinovic Qtake 3D Engineer
Get Hard, feature (2014) Bruce Jones / Lawrence Karman Qtake 3D Engineer
The Judge, feature (2014) David Dobkin / Janusz Kaminski Qtake 3D Engineer
Muppets Most Wanted, feature (2013) James Bobin / Don Burgess Qtake 3D Engineer
Step Up All In, feature (2013) Trish Sie / Brian Pearson  Qtake 3D Engineer
Granite Flats (2014)  BYUtv DIT
Muppets Most Wanted, feature (2013)  James Bobin / Don Burgess Qtake 3D Engineer
Haunt, feature (2013) Mac Carter DIT/Data Manager
The Girl from Nagasaki, feature (2013)  Michel Comte, Ayako Yoshida /
Pierluigi Malavasi
Qtake 3D Engineer
Mysteries of the Unseen World (2013) Louis Schwartzberg / Raphael Mendoza 3D Video Assist
Ender’s Game, feature(2013)  Gavin Hood / Ronald Hersey Green Screen Unit Qtake 3D
Dear Dumb Diary, feature (2013) Kristin Hanggi DIT/Data Manager
Iron Man 3, feature (2013)  Shane Black / John Toll VFX/Action Unit, Qtake 3D
The Amazing Spider Man, feature (2012) Marc Webb / John Schwartzman Qtake 3D
Loom, feature (2012)  Luke Scott 3D Video Assist
John Carter, feature (2012)  Andrew Stanton / Daniel Mindel VFX 2nd unit Video Assist
The Avengers, feature (2012) moco unit
127 Hours, feature (2010)  Danny Boyle /
Enrique Chediak, Anthony Dod Mantle
Video Assist
Samsung Commercial Video Assist
Huntsman Cancer Center  Commercial DIT
Jeep Commercial DIT
American Express Commercial Video Assist
Kia Commercial 3D Engineer
Range Rover Commercial DIT
Dolby Studios 3D Engineer
LG TV Commercial 3D Engineer
Red Bull 3D Engineer
Hyundai DIT
Smillie Films Video Assist
Friskies Commercial 3D Engineer
The Bridge promo FX Network Television RF Tech
Touched by An Angel CBS
Everwood WB
Judy’s Got a Gun ABC
High School Musical 2
Life is Ruff
Minute Men
Buffalo Dreams
Virtual Perfection
Deep Winter
Halloween Town 3
Personal Private Journal
Disney Television

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