Kale Jessen

Nebtek's Kale Jesson

Kale Jessen

Title: 2D/3D/QTAKE HD Video Assist Operator, Power Pod Technician, 24/30 Frame Playback

Cell Phone Number: 801-671-4050

Email Address: [email protected]


Director / D.P.


21 and Over Lucas / Moore / Terry Stacey
Pirhana 3DD John Gulager / Alex Lehmann
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Charles Gibson / Patrick Loungway 2nd unit
Dolphin Tale C.M. Smith / Karl Walter Lindenlaub
Extraordinary Measures Tom Vaughn / Mitch Dubin
The Road John Hillcoat / Javier Aguirresarobe  2nd unit
Race 2 Witch Mountain Scott Rogers / Gary Capo  2nd unit
Twilight Catherine Hardwicke/ Elliot Davis
Take Me Home Tonight Michael Dowse / Terry Stacey
Feast of Love Robert Benton / Kramer Morganthau
What Love Is Mars Callahan / David Stump AAC
The Valley of Light Brent Shields / Eric Van Haren Norman
Life is Ruff Don Hauer / Jeffrey Hughes
Leverage, Seasons 2-4 Rotating / Cort Fey
 Grimm, NBC Season 1 Rotating / Dave Connell
 Portlandia, Season 2  Jonathan Krisel / Bryce Fortner
 Sprint PCS “Sprint Bus”, commercial Brendan Gibbons / Joost Van Sarrenburg
 NBC Winter Games, commercial Jopseh Lee / Curtix Wehr
 Disneyland “Parades”, commercial Wendy Yorkshire / Steve Mason
 Lincoln “Mark LT”, commercial Klaus Obermeyer / Klaus Obermeyer
 Lincoln “Navigator”, commercial Klaus Obermeyer / Klaus Obermeyer
 Orange “Star Wars”, commercial Bryan Buckley / Russell Carpenter
 Hyundai “Summer Sports“, commercial Michael Werk / Alexander Witt
 Allied “Rat Race”, commercial Eric Butte / Reed Smoot
Lexus “RX 330H”, commercial Jeffery Plansker / Kyle Kibbe
Virgin Mobile “Pers. Style”, commercial Aaron Ruel / Giles Dunning
“The Courier”, commercial Gavin Bowden / Flavio Labaino
Nature Made “Mood Plus”, commercial Greg Penner / Dan Gorczyca
T-Mobile “Get More”, commercial Stacy Wall / Igor Jadue Lilo
Exxon Mobil “ Olympics”, commercial  Michal Georgegan / Jo Willems
“Beyon” Fox, pilot Breck Eisner / David Boyd
 Toyota Running Footage Michael Ozier / Michael Ozier
 Skechers “Shoes”, commercial Jay Torres / Peter Vaszuez
Pine Sol “Jackpot”, commercial Russ Lameoureux / Joost Van Sarrenburg
 Hyundai Running Footage  Michael Werk / Michael Werk
 Boeing “America”, commercial  Tom Dey / Tobias Schliessler
Fischer Investments, commercial Dan Self / Gary Payne
Saturn “Outlook”, commercial Jeffery Plansker / Kyle Kibbe
Nintendo “Wii”, commercial Steve Hood / Rick Pease
Audi “Naughty Cars”, commercial Juergen Bollmeyer / Reed Koppen
Toyota “Abyss”, commercial Michael Ozier / Michael Ozier
Cadillac Running Footage Kyle Kibbe / Kyle Kibbe
Under Armour “Night”, commercial Collins Jones / Don Davis
USPS “Then and Now” Danny Pleet / Todd McClelland
American Express “McEnroe” David Gray / Joost Van Starrenburg
“Cyberpunx” webisode Papazian Brown / Jas Shelton
Comcast “More More More”, commercial David Shane / Marcelo Durst
Pepsi “Dale Jr/Gorilla”, commercial Stacy Wolf / Peter Donahue
Latta “Whale”, commercial Bob Gordon / Bob Gordon
Saab “Read the Road”, commercial Michael Houssman / Paul laufer
Sprint “Instinct”, commercial Bryan Buckley / Scott Hendrickson
Mazda Running Footage Sam Bayer / Sam Bayer
GM Running Footage Paul Laufer / Paul Laufer
Microsoft “Project X”, commercial Bryan Buckley / Scott Hendrickson
Suzuki Running Footage Pat Solomon / Pat Solomon
USPS “Boxes”, commercial Glenn Martin / Stefan Czapsky
Mitsubishi  Running Footage Mark Williams / Mark Williams
Toyota “Nascar”, commercial John O’Hagen / Guilermo Novarro
TD Ameritrade “Vet”, commercial Jeffrey Plansker / Kyle Kibbe
WA Anti Tobacco, commercial Geordie Stephens, John Houtman
General Motors “Charlie”, commercial Becker Simson / Giorgio Scalli

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