PIX 240i Power Bracket

PIX 240i Power Bracket

PIX240 Power Cage

NEBTEK’s PIX240 Power Cage is the ultimate power upgrade for your Video Devices PIX240 and PIX240(i). This versatile , all aluminum enclosure allows you to extend your run time by using Anton Bauer or IDX style v-mount batteries without making any modifications to the PIX. The enclosure attaches to the back of your PIX and allows you to quickly attach an Anton Bauer or IDX battery plate. Alternately, you can remove the battery plate and run your PIX240 on Sony L batteries.

Mounting options are available on the top and bottom of the cage with other threaded holes on the sides for several mounting possibilities. The cage is made of black, anodized aluminum.

The NEBTEK Power Cage provides all of these options and more without adding excess weight to the device.

PIX240 Power Bracket

Need to the PIX240 to be more portable? NEBTEK’s PIX240 Power Bracket adds a desk stand and handles so you can carry your pix with you. The desk stand sits comfortably on a flat surface or on a baby pin mount. If you want to carry your PIX240 around, use the removable foam grip handles. The handles provide comfort when carrying around the PIX240 for excess amount of time, or make it easy to hand off the PIX240 to someone else.

The Power Bracket comes with the same battery features as the PIX240 Power Cage with options to mount on the top, bottom and sides of the cage.

The cage is black, anodized light-weight aluminum and does not interfere with any external functions of the PIX240 like access to SSD, CF card, batteries, or connections.


  • Compatible with both PIX240 and PIX240(i)
  • Battery plates for Anton Bauer and IDX (additional cost), or mounts your own batteries
  • Provides 1/4-20” and 3/8-16” mounts on top, bottom and sides of cage
  • Handles allow for comfort when carried
  • Desk stand

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