SmartviewHD Bracket

SmartviewHD Bracket

Blackmagic Smartview HD bracket, manufactured by NEBTEK, fits the Black- magic Smartview HD 17” rack-mountable monitor. Four main parts make up the bracket: the yoke, bracket, side mount and handles. The yoke is made from powder coated steel alloy and the handles, bracket and side mount are made from anodized aluminum to keep the weight down.

The Blackmagic Smartview HD monitor mounts to the bracket with four 10-32 screws. The bracket sits with-in the cradle-style yoke and can easily be removed from the top, allowing the user to move or walk around with the monitor in-hand. The handles allow the user to comfortably hold the monitor for a period of time before returning the bracket back to the yoke.

NEBTEK Smartview HD Bracket Features:

  • Bracket to fit SmartviewHD 17-inch monitor
  • Cradle-style yoke which is mountable to 5/8 baby pin and allows for 360° rotation
  • Pan and tilt (shown above)
  • Bracket easily removable from yoke
  • Powder coated aluminum with steel PEM fasteners
  • Anodized aluminum with some steel hardware
  • Mounting points for Custom Battery Plates with 12 volt regulators. SOLD SEPARATELY ( NOTE; Standard Gold mount and V-lock plates will not work as the monitor will not run at their nominal voltage.)
  • 1/4″-20 steel PEM fasteners along the top for mounting accessories such as wireless receivers

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