Nebcom – Audio Monitor and Intercom Station

Nebcom – Audio Monitor and Intercom Station

The NEBCOM Video Assist Speaker

The NEBCOM is 100% compatible with the VA-Mixer and is the preferred speaker for that device while on set.


  • High Quality Dual Speakers for excellent sound quality.
  • Built in mic pre-amp allows use with any microphone for intercom.
  • Phantom power for microphone.
  • Allows talkback to directors monitor and playback production sound over the same cable. (When used with VA mixer)
  • Speakon Connector for use with Nebtek Video Assist systems.
  • Discrete connectors for integration to any system.
  • 120 Ac outlet to power video monitors from the NEBCOM
  • Compatible with  NEBTEK brackets ( PVM 1741, A170, A250, Dual, etc…)
  • Durable build with solid, one-piece aluminum chassis


The NEBCOM  has several power options available such as AC through a PowerCon, which allows you to power both your NEBCOM and monitor through one power source. A 8Pin Speakon connector is included, which allows power and both lines of audio to be connected via a single cable. 12-17 VDC power is an option for those running on batteries.

Included is a mounting L-bracket with each new NEBCOM or upgradeable v-mount clip both of which are compatible with most NEBTEK monitor brackets (image below).


Mounting Options

We’ve included pictures of our mounting options for the NEBCOM. There are two options, the first is the mounting plate (included with the purchase of a NEBCOM). This allows for you to easily mount the device to a bracket.

For additional mounting options, you can purchase the QUICKV & VCLIP KIT which includes the QUICKV, a quick-release solution to be used for NEBTEK monitor brackets with a Vclip included (additional $144.00).

If you already have the QUICKV quick-release solution, you can option to purchase the VCLIP with needed screws to mount to the included L-plate (additional $19.00).

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