7RU Mac Pro System

7RU Mac Pro System

Introducing our 7RU Mac Pro system with QTAKE HD built by NEBTEK. The 7RU Mac Pro system was built to harbor the new Mac Pro, the latest and most powerful desktop offered by Apple. However, its form makes it extremely difficult in a mobile or rack based environment. Furthermore, all PCI cards and additional storage must be externally mounted and connected via Thunderbolt. The 7RU Mac Pro system fixes these issues by adding a Magma 3T which allows us to add 1-3 full size PCI cards, such as Kona 3g (video assist), or Red Rocket (DIT). Add a G-RAID 8 TB drive, secure it on a sliding shelf and there remains 3 RU to add a video hub, Gefen/Matrox or QOD, an audio solution such as VA Mixer or anything you can think of.

The 7RU cart is incredible customizable system for video assist and playback professionals. NEBTEK has manufactured QTAKE carts that have been used on broadcast and film productions around the world. Our carts are known for their ability to be customizable, powerful and reliable.


  • Hardware capable of up to 4 cam(HD) or 4k video assist*
  • Lightweight, precision machined aluminum & 7 space rack unit with options to mount to a cart
  • Black anodized aluminum
  • NEBTEK custom patch panels
  • Available with 8-in speak-on connectors or discrete connections for monitors
  • Gefen Dual DVI to SDI scaler
  • NEBTEK VA Mixer for audio system
  • Pre-configured if you buy QTAKE from NEBTEK
  • Video hub
  • Nebekart
  • One 7RU Box (holds equipment)

*Requires QTAKE software (sold separately)

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