Press Release: Atlanta Office Expansion

Posted by Nicolle Rowley on 27th July 2015 in Category Uncategorized

Nebtek Announces Expansion with New Office in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA, July 15, 2015: Nebtek Inc., a professional video assist / digital cinema services company today announces the expansion of their offices to accommodate the growth of the motion picture and broadcast industry in Georgia. The new office located at 2410 Park Central Boulevard, Decatur, GA will provide capacity for local HD video assist services and rentals of high-end HD wireless transmitters as well as video assist systems and other support gear for digital cinema production.

CEO and founder, Gaylen Nebeker says, “I am pleased to be able to offer first-rate video assist packages, DIT and HD wireless services locally. Production companies can now access high quality equipment in Georgia that will comply with the regulations for film tax incentives. Whenever possible we handle all the technical needs of the set with a DIT/video assist team! My background in video engineering has allowed us to provide complete video assist services integrated with state-of-the-art DIT services. D.P’s can bring their vision to post with live color grading and we utilize Qtake Monitor to give on-set real time iPad monitoring for directors, script and VFX supervisors, as well as secure remote access of video assist footage and dailies for studio executives using Qtake Server. Of course Video Assist and DIT services are available separately.”

Jorge German, local freelance video assist operator in Atlanta, GA.
“Last month I wrapped a job on a 3D movie shot in 4K and had the honor of working with Gaylen Nebeker. While working on this job I experienced first-hand how the Nebtek video system works, I was most impressed with their no-latency wireless systems that are fast and prevent having to wrap hundreds of feet of cable. With the shortage in wireless systems, monitors and gear here in Atlanta I believe the Nebtek office will open new doors to many productions that despise the last minute calls to Los Angeles rental houses and FedEx next day air prices.”

Nebtek has been providing professional video assist services since 1986. In 2000 the company began manufacturing NEBTEK branded equipment for the industry including turnkey video assist systems, monitors, brackets, audio systems, intercoms and custom cables for it’s customers, owner operators and equipment rental houses. Their experienced technicians have worked at every level of production. They have logged thousands of local and national commercials as well as music videos, television and major motion pictures. Because of it’s North American Qtake HD dealership and custom system solutions, Nebtek is recognized as an authority on video assist. Think of NEBTEK as your go-to-guys for digital technology. They pride themselves in solving problems on and off set. #TeamUpWithNebtek

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